Stamp Faves!!!

Just got the newsletter from one of my new fave stamp companies. Bombshell Stamps is coming out with some new designs! Yippee! I can’t wait. I love the look of the stamp line. I can’t wait to place my order as soon as they’re available. I have all of the current ones & they’re a lot of fun to create with. Such a great company, easy to do business with & the owner is super nice.

Speaking of faves….another current obsession are the clear stamps from Inkadinkado. These are so cool. I love clear stamps to begin with because they make my life so much easier when I stamp. You can position them exactly where you want them. Takes all the guess-work out of it.

Ok, I know there are purists out there that will only stamp with wood-mounted stamps. Me? Not so much. Unmounted & clear stamps for me. So much easier to store & catalog – but that a discussion for another post. Back to the clear stamps…..

Whoever is designing for Inkadinkado lately really rocks. I can mix & match different sets for anything I’m working on. Best part – they’re only about $10 per set. How cool is that! The Budda design from one of my previous posts came from the Inkadinkado clear set called Asian Influences. I love the Buddha with the scroll design behind him. It’s one of my new faves. Can’t wait to get started on the X-mas ones I just bought.

Confessions of distracted blogger…

Yep that definitely describes me over the last few weeks – distracted. I’ve let so many other things distract me. Work. Family. Friends in need. Stuff. Mind you, these aren’t excuses that I’m going to hide behind. Nope, just distractions….kind of like holding a shiny object in front of a five year old that’s had too much sugar. I know, wierd visual. But it works for me.

So after having a serious heart-to-heart with my sis, I’ve come to a couple of decisions. 1) I’m making the committment to blog at least once a week. 2) I’m going to stop putting so much pressure on myself about blogging. I kind of stressed out a little over what the content should be. Too. Much. Pressure. Chalk it up to the perfectionist in me.

Jeez, I need to relax. This is supposed to be fun.

Classroom Etiquette

So I took a stamping class on Tues night. It was just for fun, since they weren’t demo-ing a new technique, just new paper & products from Kodomo. The class was full of mostly “regulars” and everything was going along pretty well…or so I thought. We made 5 cards. 4 of them were just stamping & assembling all of the pieces. The last one was stamping the image & water coloring with markers. We were split into groups & each group was assigned a work container with a card.

As we finished each card, we swapped containers with another group so we could make the next card. That’s when the “fun” started. Some of the ladies are much faster than others based on experience. Usually we all help each other out. Tuesday night….not so much. Most of the groups ended up waiting for the watercolor card. Not a problem – for me at least. There were a few people sitting around me that I thought were going to lose their minds if they didn’t get the stupid stamp so they could make their card. I had the stamp & passed it on to the next person. One of the ladies near me must have asked about 50 times if she could have it next & then proceeded to get upset because it was making it’s way down the table & was taking too long to get to her. Jeez people! It’s just stamping. It’s supposed to be fun. I got kind of annoyed by all this & decided that I would just watercolor my card at home. Normally I don’t usually let this stuff bother me, but it just got under my skin & I figured I’d better leave before I got snappy with anyone.

So the moral of the story? This stuff is supposed to be fun. Relax people. Everyone gets the stamp eventually. And, no you don’t need to freak out if you’re the last in line. :)

Stencils….learned something new

I took a stencil class at my favorite stamp store on Saturday. I’d never taken one of their stencil classes before. I figured since I knew how to dry emboss, there wasn’t going to be any benefit. I was so wrong! I saw an “advance preview” of the cards the class would be making. What sold me on this class was this one……… The card looks AMAZING in person.

I learned how to use embossing paste with Dreamweaver stencils. I’ve never used embossing paste before & didn’t know it came in other colors except white. Make sure you use repositional tape & tape all sides of the stencil down on the paper. We used copper colored paste on shimmery cardstock. It dried within about 15-20 minutes & then we added “bling” – rhinestones that already have adhesive on the back of each one. We mounted that on a piece of copper colored mirror card & attached that to copper colored shimmery card.

Viola! Super easy & looks super elegant.

More on my acrylic obsession…..

I’m working on another acrylic project. I forgot to mention that all the acrylic albums I’m using in the last post & this one are from Apple Pie Memories. This set is more like a set of over-sized tags that make up an album. I stamped out out all of the images. I need to color them in & decorate it. I’m going for a Sailor Jerry, vintage tattoo feel. I even found some fabric by a designer call Alexander Henry that has Sailor Jerry images on it. I might cut out some images & bits & incorporate it into the album.

The images from the pic on the left are from one of my new favorite stamp companies – Bombshell Stamps. The words are from Ink by Steph. It says: “Getting in trouble has never been so much fun.” Such true words!

I seriously need to mention that Bombshell Stamps rock! I can’t wait until they come out with some new images. Definitely go to the site, take a look at the gallery, sign up for the newsletter & buy some stamps. I know I sound like a commercial…I just really love these stamps a lot.

The images & words in this pic are from Bombshell Stamps. I love the lil angel & lil devil images….too cute.

I can’t wait to finish these. I’ll post the pics as soon as I’m done.

Latest Obsession

I took a class at my favorite independent stamp store a couple of months ago & learned how to stamp on acrylic & create an acrylic album. Holy smokes! This stuff is so cool! My brain is just spinning out of control with the possibilities & ideas.

The one I made in class was ok, but I like the one I did on my own much better. Here’s a few pics. I took separate shots of each page of the album.
This is one of the pages of the album. I stamped all of the images in the whole album with Black Staz-On ink. I used Inkadinkado stamps for this page. I colored in the image with Copic markers & added “bling” to the swirls I stamped in the corners. The pic doesn’t do this page justice.
The next 2 pics are vellum “pocket” pages I made & added to the album. They’re made from heavy vellum & I made bookmarks from the scraps. For the pic on the left, I used black Staz-On ink. The bird & swirl are from a Stampendous clear stamp set & the angel is from American Art Stamp. I used Copics to color in angel image & added “bling” wherever I thought it worked. For the pic on the right, I added rub-ons on the pocket & bookmark. I think these are from the Basic Grey Boxer collection. The words are stamped with Black Staz-On ink & came from the Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous unmounted set. The ribbons are whatever I had on hand…I think these came from Michael’s. The pockets are help together with eyelets.

For the front & back pages, I did a ramdom pattern with Alcohol inks. I think I used rust, mustard, wild plum, copper & lettuce. I added random drops of blending solution & filled in color wherever I thought it looked like it needed it. I stamped the bird image by Gel-a-tins in black Staz-On ink.

All of the pages are held together by key rings. They’re the kind that snap open & closed. I had some on hand, but I saw packs of them by 7 Gypsies at my local Archivers.


I was catching up on reading one of my favorite blogs – the Crafty Chica. She had a post about carrying around a sketchbook for whenever inspiration would strike. I think it’s a great idea.

I used to carry one around all the time. It’s a little bigger than the size of my hand & not very heavy. Not sure why I stopped using it or keeping it in my bag. I used to jot down quick ideas if something popped in my head while I was at work and I would sketch out rough drafts of my ideas during my lunch hour. I really need to get back in that habit.

Tale of a hestitant blogger

Well, here it is. My first blog. Ever. Yep, that’s right…ever.

Been really nervous about doing this. I’m not a writer. Do I have anything interesting to say or share? I usually have more questions than answers. I’m usually the one wanting to know why or how something works. We’ll see where this new adventure takes me.

My sister has been telling me for a while that I should do this. Wow, can’t believe it took me forever to get here. Doesn’t seem so bad afterall.