One door closes and another one opens….

There has been so much that’s happened over the last 6 weeks. Unfortunately blogging took a backseat while I sorted everything out…..

So I took a much needed vacation in the middle of March with my sister & took part in the Crafty Chica cruise. We had the most incredible time, met the most amazing people and actually relaxed. We loved every minute of the trip! I almost forgot to mention the desserts at dinner every nite on the ship – I had the molten chocolate cake each night. Yep, you read that correctly…..and yes, it was that good that I had to have it each night!

I’ll post some of the pics of the stuff I made in a separate post. The projects were a lot of fun after I got over my initial melt-down & realized I needed to let go of the control freak in me. I was a little intimidated the first day by how easily the “art process” came to so many of the participants. These people are all incredibly talented & I felt like such a hack. My sister helped me snap out of it! I usually work differently & plan everything out, including sketching out my designs before-hand, but it taught me how to be resourceful & use the materials that were available. It was waaaaay out of my comfort zone, but I ended up learning so much about myself and that I’m not just a stamper, but an actual Mixed Media Artist! Go figure! :)

We stayed a few extra days in California. It was our first time there & everything was so beautiful. We stopped at Zuma Beach, drove thru Topanga Canyon, saw Grauman’s Chinese Theater, walked on Hollywood Blvd & the Walk of Fame. We even got to see Kat Von D’s tattoo shop! We took a so many pictures. I still can’t believe how much I loved Cali. Everyone we encountered were so nice! We’ll definitely go back. We’re considering signing up for next year’s Craft Chica cruise.

About a week after we returned, I was informed by my employer’s CEO that my position had been eliminated. So please pardon my short melt-down…… It took me about a week to really wrap my brain around the news. I went thru all of the emotions…….”Why me? Why? Why? Why? What the heck am I going to do now?” Once I picked up my shattered ego off the floor, I pulled myself together. So this is my last week at work and I’m wrapping up the final details. I’ve been busy over the last few weeks working out the hand-off of my responsibilities, prepping training documents/manuals, training some staff & attending a bunch of meetings.

Last week, my fave stamp store Stampology Chicago announced they’re looking for a new owner. If they aren’t able to find the right owner, then they will close the shop. This is a complete bummer. Jeez, so much bad news in a month. On the other hand, one door closes and another one opens…….!

Let’s see what the next month brings. I think things are about to change in a really positive way for me. I have a really good feeling about what’s going to happen next! :)