Stampology Chicago – new owner

So my favorite stamp store changed owners this past fall.  I haven’t had a chance to visit the store since the change over and I feel kinda bad about that.  So I figured I give them a quick shout out here along with a link to their site:

Donna and her team have been working hard on everything and I wish them only the best.  She’s made some updates to the website & I like what she’s done with the new look to the class schedule and the gallery.  Now I need to find the time to fit in a class! 

Michelle Parlee Believe Wall art

I met Michele Parlee last year on the Crafty Chica cruise.  She and the rest of the Crafty Chica cruisers were some of the nicest people I had ever met.  I was S-U-P-E-R intimidated when I got there.  I thought they were way more talented than I could ever hope to be.  Once I got over my issues with help from my sister and some of the other girls in the group, I found a lot of inspiration from all of the incredible people in the group.  Unfortunately I won’t have a chance to go on the cruise this year, but I got this piece from Michele and it helps inspire me whenever I see it.

what a difference a year makes……

What a difference a year makes……  Fortunately and unfortunately that statement has been extremely true for me.  The short version – I lost my job, decided to go back to college to finish my bachelor’s degree and then found a new job.  The new job is at a place I used to work – definitely never, ever, ever thought I’d go back there.  At least it’s in a completely different dept & doing something new.  I even get to travel every 3 to 4 months for my job and get my passport stamped.  Unfortunately it’s only to the suburbs of Toronto.  (throwing my hands up in mock anger…!)  Hopefully I’ll get to spend an extra day out there so I can finally see Toronto, instead of just seeing from the airplane!  :)

Juggling college & work has been a huge challenge, but I’m really happy I decided to go back to school.  It’s something I needed to do for me.  Although it’s taking up so much time – I haven’t had much opportunity to be creative. I’ve been thinking about setting up a schedule for myself for the weekends so that even if it’s just an hour, it’s something I can look forward to.  A reward for all my hard work. 

I have a few samples of stuff I’ve worked on and I think I’ll post some pics.  I also have some pics of things and places that have been inspiring me lately.  Hopefully blogging again will get the creative juices flowing and I can knock the dust off my sketchbook.  :)

Thanks for hanging in there with me!