Halloween 2012 memories

Recently I was looking at some of the pictures I had on my phone and forgot about these from Halloween. 

At work each year we have contests by dept for best decorating and/or best costumes.  Our group did a haunted cemetery scene in the office.  I had a limited time, budget and supplies in order to participate. It also had to be something I could easily put together at while I was at work.   I decided to do Day of the Dead makeup.  I did a little research and was inspired by some artwork I found on Pinterest.  Here’s the a pic of the artwork that knocked my socks off!  The image I found wasn’t tagged when I initially did my search. 

 Day of the dead

So between the Halloween makeup kit, the green eyelashes and the flowers for my hair, I think I spent about $10.  Not bad for a quick costume!

At the time I didn’t know the artist was Big Gus.  He’s an amazing tattoo artist!  I happened to be watching an episode of Tattoo Nightmares recently and saw the artwork on the wall of the shop in one scene.  I did a quick search on Big Gus, found the image on his website and  was blown away by his artwork.  http://www.biggusink.com/ 

I’ll have to think about what to do this year for Halloween and come up with some new ideas.  I recently accepted a promotion into a different dept at work and my new coworkers are a little more sedate.  Hopefully I can talk them into doing something fun!